Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Zipper Face / Face-paint

First day of October is here! 
I am so excited to be doing a 31 Days of Halloween CC Challenge. I have a lot of goodies that I'll be posting everyday this month that are all Halloween/horror themed. (Including that Freddy Krueger inspired sweater and eyes in the photo below. There will probably be a male version of the sweater as well.) 
We're going to kick-start this shindig with one of my favorites. One I like to simply call "Zipper Face." I wasn't really planing on making this one. It kind of just happened in Photoshop one day. But isn't that how you get the best art? When it just... happens?

This does not include the eye makeup this sim is wearing. (The running mascara is part of the face-paint, though.) I actually don't remember where I got the eye shadow/eyeliner, I'll link to them later. This is standalone, non-default and can be found in the "face-paint" section in CAS.

I love this face-paint with the pose on the right. :D

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